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More and more teens are presenting as overweight and obese.  It is becoming an epidemic that is putting a strain on the medical resources and the life expectancy of many young people.  All of which, given the state of the average teenager’s diet, is no surprise.  Therefore, finding a free weight loss for teens program has become a regular quest.  

With this in mind, it is important that any program of weight loss that is going to work has to be one that does not exploit or offer unrealistic goals.  Instead a weight loss program that takes into account the growing and changing body and mind of the teenager should always be the preferred option.

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Weight Loss for Teens

Without a doubt, any free weight loss for teens program should start with the basics.  A close look should be taken at what the teenager is eating on a regular basis and also, how much physical activity the teenager is taking.  

As already stated, some teenagers do not have the healthiest of diets.  Many of them exist on nothing more than junk food.  If this is the case, then the first thing that has to go is that junk food diet.  The more junk food that can be cut out of the diet, the more weight is likely to be lost.

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Fruit’s and Vegetable’s

Instead a diet made up of fresh fruits and vegetables is what is needed.  This might not sound as interesting as a diet of pizza, fries and hamburgers, but the more fruit and vegetables that are eaten, the better the all round weight management and health.  Does that mean no more pizza ever?  Well no, it just means that pizza, and other considered junk foods, should be eaten sparingly and not eaten as the norm.

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Exercise Regularly

The next step towards finding a free weight loss for teens program, is to make sure that there is plenty of regular exercise being taken.  That means getting the heart and lungs pumping and working at least three or four times per week for at least twenty minutes at a time.  It doesn’t mean that any teen who is not gym orientated or who does not enjoy jogging has to start doing those particular activities.  No, any sport or activity that is not preferred, should not be undertaken.  Going for a vigorous walk a few times a week is considered adequate exercise.  Whatever the exercise taken, it should be done so willingly, only then is it more likely to be continued.

Above all, a free weight loss for teens plan should be realistic and not set the teenager up for failure.  Repeated failures are demoralizing and will only result in weight gain.  Small, steady progress is always the way to go to see long lasting weight loss.

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