Music And Depression

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Music Is Everything When Depression Is Involved

Music is something that I’ve stressed to everyone that has disabilities because in my earlier day’s the mental health doctor diagnosed me with lot’s of illnesses but what made me really whack was all the different medications that was given to treat them. Taking 24 different medications for 5 different illnesses is what made me insane. My baby sister was graduating from UT University and she took a list of the medications to her Professor for questions.

After she was finished doing her studies, as she was driving up to the house and the first thing she said was, that I wasn’t taking the medications anymore and threw them away. Yes I had a hard time coping but I Award her because I feel 100% better than 10 year’s ago. Started listening to music and feeling the lyrics I became a dancing machine LoL. I went and got a construction job with the fellas and bought the crew donuts every morning cause they do a great job laying down asphalt.                                                  

TxDot gave me a nickname the first day on the job and my name was Ms. Mineola cause I have a killer smile that the civilians driving by brought me drink’s and the dump truck drivers. I love to brighten everyone’s day and especially the elderly. We are so grateful just to be alive so why not smile at the world and show those beautiful faces.

If you could see me today you wouldn’t have thought I was a schizophrenic, or had a bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression and learning disabilities. Do you actually think that I needed 24 medications for a few illnesses but let’s get to some great advice.

What Is Music?

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Welcome To Music

All sounds are comprised of sound waves. What distinguishes music from other sound waves is the manner in which the sound waves vibrate and decrease from loud to soft. Dropping a metal pan on the floor presents jarring, erratic vibrations. Striking a note on a piano chord presents a softer more uniform and smooth transition from loud to soft. Obviously, a musical note is going to be much more pleasant to the ear.

Theres an old adage about how music sooths the savage beast. Not only is this true, it is actually an understatement. Music plays such a profound part of our lives, that we will barely scratch the surface here, but lets give it an overview.

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Young and Listening to Music Walking Down Memory Lane

All of us grew up with certain songs or instrumentals that strike a chord that reverberates through our entire being. For example, when I hear A Summer Place, it immediately carries me back to summer months in the twenties. The experience is so profound that I can remember the feel of the sun on my face, the smell of hot dogs cooked over an open fire and the laughter of friends and family.

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Music Waves With Different Vibrations and Harmonizing

There is a theory that certain notes or chords resonate with a vibration that is particularly harmonious to specific people. Have you ever heard a song that gave you goose bumps? If so, then you give validation to this theory. When this occurs, the music has a profound affect on the subconscious. Add intense emotion to the equation and you have one powerful, indelible, blueprint on your subconscious that will follow you the rest of your life.

For example, lets say that you receive news of the death of a loved one while a specific piece of music is playing on the radio. That particular music may have a lasting impression. Years later, for no apparent reason, you may find yourself immediately thrown into a state of depression upon hearing that same tune. The same can be true of positive feelings as described in the story above.

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Music is Feelings

The subliminal effect of music is a proven fact. How often do you find yourself humming a fragment of a tune that you cant identify only to discover that its a new commercial message you heard on your television. The advertising industry pays huge amounts of money to conduct research into why and how music works on the subconscious mind. This is also the reason why you see the recent trend by large companies to reconstitute classics originally performed by some of the greats of stage and screen.

Just for fun, the next time you find yourself humming a tune, try and remember when, where and under what circumstances you heard it for the very first time. The exercise will probably help you to better understand how past events have shaped your musical preferences. And, Ill wager that the next time you hear A Summer Place, you will remember reading this article.

Happy Listening! Lady Smith

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Music Is In You

” Let’s Fight Back Mental Illness With The Sounds of Music, You Got It Just Feel It “

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