Two New Series Show The Stylish Side Of Motherhood.

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Two New Series Show The Stylish Side Of Motherhood. Mothers’ lives are profiled in a new series. Pregnant models are tearing up the runways.

Moms have long had a special day once a year. Now one TV channel is featuring them every day of the week. Two brand-new series give viewers a perspective on the modern-day mom and her secrets to a healthy, balanced life-juggling career, family and personal time.

The shows feature women who mix motherhood with exciting and busy lives outside the home. They help bring attention to fun, hip and busy moms who know the secret to the healthy balance of work and family life.

A series for moms of today’s fast-paced generation, “Yummy Mummy” celebrates and commiserates with the joys, challenges, payoffs and perils of being a modern-day parent, wife, professional and friend. Combining animated vignettes with live action, the show invites experts, celebrities and parents to share their knowledge and experiences. Host Erica Ehm is committed to uncovering the truth about parenting. She gives viewers a true understanding of a balanced, healthy and exciting life. The show can be seen Monday through Friday at noon and at 3 PM on Discovery Health.

“Runway Moms” is a vrit-style daytime series strutting its stuff on Discovery Health Channel weekdays at 8 AM with repeats at 2 PM and 4 PM. Liza Elliott-Ramirez runs Expecting Models, the only professional agency dedicated to providing work for pregnant professional models in the fashion and commercial world. The series follows Liza’s New York City-based modeling agency, capturing moments on the catwalk and providing important information about healthy pregnancy, labor and delivery. Each episode profiles expecting models as they balance their career with the dramatic changes they experience throughout pregnancy.

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