Free Calorie Counters Available Online

Advertisements Free Calorie Counter Online Now, Get Yours Today There are a number of free calorie counters available on the internet.  These programs allow you to select a specific food and it will tell you how many calories are in one serving.  It will also tell you what the recommended serving size is.  If youContinue reading “Free Calorie Counters Available Online”

Do I Need A Weight Loss Boot Camp

Advertisements Thinking About Joining A Boot Camp With the success of various weight loss entertainment programs, a lot of people are starting to believe that they need to attend a weight loss boot camp. This is simply not true. Unless there is a medical reason why you cannot lose weight, a calorie controlled diet andContinue reading “Do I Need A Weight Loss Boot Camp”

Get Ready For The Big Event-Lose Pounds In A Week

Advertisements Do you want to lose pounds in a week?  There are several fad diets that will allow you to take off 10 pounds in just 7 to 10 days.  Be aware, however that this weight loss does not translate to a long-term slimmer you as much of what you lose is water weight.  However,Continue reading “Get Ready For The Big Event-Lose Pounds In A Week”

Discover The Importance Of A Healthy Diet And Exercise

Advertisements Importance of Health and Exercise Just hearing the terms “work out” or “exercise” causes many people to cringe. Yet it is a proven fact that exercise is an important concept for a healthy body and diet routine. Dieting alone will help anyone lose weight, but they must include exercise and working out; as partContinue reading “Discover The Importance Of A Healthy Diet And Exercise”

Free Weight Loss For Teens

Advertisements OVERWEIGHT TEENS More and more teens are presenting as overweight and obese.  It is becoming an epidemic that is putting a strain on the medical resources and the life expectancy of many young people.  All of which, given the state of the average teenager’s diet, is no surprise.  Therefore, finding a free weight lossContinue reading “Free Weight Loss For Teens”