Yoga For Children And Kids

Advertisements Children are exposed to a lot of stress factors nowadays. There is homework that they do daily…the competition with the other children…TV and computer games…and even over scheduling. And just like adults, these kids need something relaxing to turn into and that could be:” YOGA “ It develops their team skills and fosters aContinue reading “Yoga For Children And Kids”

Confessions of A Yoga Teacher

Advertisements The following are questions that Yoga teachers still need to answer, despite overwhelming evidence that Yoga is ” the mother of health maintenance systems. “ Mainstream thought is finally catching up, with the progress Yoga is making, but it has taken 5,000 years for us to get this far. Aren’t you supposed to jumpContinue reading “Confessions of A Yoga Teacher”

Sun Salutation

Advertisements The Sun Salutation yoga pose is recommended for practitioners of all ages and especially for the ones who cannot dedicate a lot of time to their yoga routine. The reason why this pose is so highly appreciated has to do with the fact that it involves most of the muscle groups, as well asContinue reading “Sun Salutation”

Sahasrar Chakra and Brahmarandhra-Centers of Divine Powers

Advertisements The human body (Microcosm) is said to be a small sample of the cosmos (Macrocosm). The entire body of a big tree is hidden in a tiny seed. In a small sperm lies the cast of the entire human body. The manner in which the mutual attraction and activities of the planets of theContinue reading “Sahasrar Chakra and Brahmarandhra-Centers of Divine Powers”

Need power? Try Core Power Yoga

Advertisements Core power yoga is an energetic yoga exercise that physically and mentally challenges to help connect to inner power without stopping and accompanied by a heated, climate controlled Vinyasa. It heals, detoxifies and stimulates the body and mind through balance and intention. Power yoga has created a dynamic, challenging program that combines strength, sweatContinue reading “Need power? Try Core Power Yoga”

Transforming your thoughts is key for dealing with depression

Advertisements Photos by Google The Greatest Teacher that ever lived once said: As a Man thinks in his heart so is he. What you constantly think of a situation is quite inevitably what becomes of it; therefore it is paramount that in any and every situation our thinking should be positive. If there is oneContinue reading “Transforming your thoughts is key for dealing with depression”

There Is Always Hope For Anxiety

Advertisements Be aware Of Your Anxiety Early So You Can Sustain A Positive Behavior Anxiety can be a life-altering occurrence. It can happen without our knowledge and can change a life forever. That is not to say the changes are for the worse. If we are aware, early on, that we are experiencing stress andContinue reading “There Is Always Hope For Anxiety”

Yoga Your Way to Physical and Mental Fitness

Advertisements What about yoga and mental health is so Bracing. Although considered by many simply as an exercise fad, yoga practice has in fact helped thousands of people in improving their physical and mental fitness. Remember the golden rule of never judging a book by its cover; if you think that yogas all about bendingContinue reading “Yoga Your Way to Physical and Mental Fitness”